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  • Organic birch water is pure birch tree sap. It is a genuine, 100% natural living water that people in rural Europe have been enjoying for centuries as a natural detox product.
  • It's exactly what it sounds like. Similar to the process of tapping maple trees, birch trees can be tapped as well. Except, instead of the sticky, sweet substance that comes out of maple trees, birch tree sap is clear and relatively neutral in flavor and has a slightly sweet taste.
  • Naturally, birch water stimulates the cleansing systems of the body, kidney and liver functions, and helps to eliminate the toxins in the body. It contains micro-nutrients unique to the birch tree which are said to help strengthen the immune system, lower cholesterol and assist with weight loss.
  • It is an ecologically pure, 100% natural refreshing soft drink ideal for sportsmen during workout or post recovery or for people with healthy lifestyle looking for drinks that are natural, low calories and tasty.