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Curd cheese is a high quality curd delicacy. The main feature of the product is its absolutely natural composition, which will certainly appeal to supporters of a healthy lifestyle. Although cheese is quite high in calories, so overweight people should be moderate when using it. Gourmet cheese Nostalgia is worthy of your attention, because it is so attractive and tasty! It's hard to resist the incredible combination of chocolate glaze and real cottage cheese filling. The cheese is distinguished by a truly unique taste and high nutritional value. It satisfies hunger effectively and can be a great solution for a light snack throughout the day. Due to the natural composition, the product has properties beneficial to the body. A curd delicacy has been prepared according to a unique recipe known by the company RostAgroExport. The production is located in an ecologically clean area of ​​the Moscow region, and due to the close location of the state farm, from where milk is supplied to the plant, it takes no more than eighteen hours from the start of processing to the finished product.