Sunflower HALVA Vanilla, Druzhkovskaya factory, 60g.

0.06 kg
Halva "Druzhkivska" - a taste familiar from childhood.

Halva "Druzhkivska" was created with love for your good mood and replenishment of vitality! From natural products we create halva, which protects your health while giving pleasure. Production technologies have been stored for over 50 years, so the taste of our halva will take you back to childhood a few minutes ago, when everything is extremely tasty.
We carefully select the ingredients and monitor their quality. Using natural raw materials, we make sure that you quickly replenish your strength with a quality product. Halva "Druzhkivska" does not contain gluten, which is important for people who care about their health. Thousands of people are convinced that our halva is delicious, natural and high quality! Join, try and choose your favorite flavor!