LEYKO Pepper Plaster,10x15cm

0.01 kg
LEYKO PEPPER PLASTER is combined drug that has an analgesic, local irritant and distracting effect. Pepper adhesive plaster is a homogeneous sticky mass of yellow-brown color, with a specific smell, applied to perforated fabric.
It is used as an anesthetic for rheumatic and muscle pains, myalgia, arthritis, radiculitis, neuralgia; as a distraction for catarrh of the respiratory tract and other colds. When the adhesive plaster is fixed on the skin, a feeling of warmth appears.
The adhesive plaster is suitable for patients with normal skin sensitivity.

The content of zinc oxide in the adhesive mass reduces the risk of irritation when using an adhesive plaster.
Pepper extract irritates nerve endings, improves microcirculation. Methyl salicylate normalizes increased capillary permeability, improves microcirculation, quickly penetrates into the deep layers of the skin.
Camphor, which is part of the active ingredients, improves microcirculation, selectively activates cold receptors (cooling antipruritic effect), softening the burning sensation.
Perforated cotton fabric allows the skin to breathe.

It is securely fixed due to the high mechanical strength of the fabric and high adhesion.
Sealed polyethylene individual packaging is covered with a layer of cellophane, does not allow the smell of the components included in the adhesive plaster: it is convenient for storage in warehouse areas and at home. Good resistance to sunlight, heat resistance, frost resistance of the cellophane coating allow you to maximize the consumer qualities of the adhesive during storage and transportation.
Opened individual packaging is suitable for use within 2 years.

Shell: 100% perforated cotton fabric
Active ingredients: paprika extract, belladonna extract, methyl salicylate, mint oil, camphor.
Release form and dimensions: double individual sealed packaging (polyethylene with cellophane coating)

Size: 10cm x 15cm