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Despite the appearance on the pharmaceutical market of new sorbents, many people prefer activated carbon. The instructions say that the drug provides first aid for various poisonings, helps cleanse the body of toxins and removes harmful substances from the intestines. Moreover, its use is not prohibited even in childhood, as evidenced by the appointment of pediatricians and reviews of parents. However, the remedy will be effective and safe if you strictly follow the annotation or follow the instructions of the doctors.
Basic properties.
Activated carbon can help with different conditions. The instructions for use contain complete information regarding the indications. The drug should be taken in the following cases: with diarrhea; to relieve symptoms of heartburn; if you suspect poisoning; with bloating or flatulence; if nausea worries; when an unpleasant odor appears, which is associated with secretions from the gastrointestinal tract; to cleanse the body of harmful bacteria, toxins, heavy metal salts; to reduce acne; if you are worried about excess weight, which is associated with the presence of toxins in the intestines. The dosage regimen will differ in each case, depending on the purpose of use and the age of the patient.