Black Sturgeon Caviar Lemberg, 50g.

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The bright aroma of Malossol sturgeon caviar combined with its delicate texture is just a small part of its benefits. This delicacy is distinguished by its medium-sized grain with a diameter of about 1.5 to 2 mm and a rich color from dark gray to black, so it makes a pleasant visual impression, but still, the most important advantage of this variety is its amazing taste. Lightly salted caviar, only 35 grams per kg. Undoubted our sales hit.

The Malossol sturgeon (Acipenser baerii) is one of the species in the sturgeon family.

The weight of an adult fish ranges from 20-25 kg. When Malossol sturgeon is kept in aquaculture, breeding processes has significantly accelerated: sturgeons begin to spawn at 7-8 years of age, Malossol sturgeon spawns no more than once every 4 years. The most valuable is caviar delicacy from fishes aged 18-20 years. The number of eggs is very large and amounts to 1/6, 1/5 of the fishbody weight; therefore, the number of eggs in large fish can reach several million.

Black caviar is good in itself, and it must be eaten with mother-of-pearl spoons - any metal gives it a specific flavor. And it is advisable to serve it in special caviar bowls on ice