Caramel Halva Timosha Lux, by weight, price per 100g.

0.1 kg
Timosha Lux sunflower halva, 5 kg.
Halva "Timosha" is an excellent example of the fact that a confectionery product, its quality, as well as high technologies used in production, allow to preserve in halva not only excellent taste, but also all the vitamins it contains. That is why Halva "Timosha" is a light, airy delicacy that quickly melts in your mouth and has excellent taste.
Halva is a unique product with an exquisite taste and can be a real boon for those who want to increase the calcium content in the body. In terms of fat content and calorie content, halva is close to chocolate, but surpasses it in the content and value of protein substances