CHUM Salmon Wild Caviar ( Кетовая) 2023.,500gr/tray!

0.5 kg

Chum salmon caviar (Икра Кетовая),500gr/tray.
Fresh catch 2023.

Caviar connoisseurs claim that chum salmon caviar deserves the greatest attention. They are versatile, tasty, have a beautiful shape and color, without a pungent smell.
The caviar of other salmon fish is distinguished by a more intense reddish tint, significant bitterness and a persistent fishy smell.

Chum orange-red caviar is considered the best of all red caviar. For its soft, delicate creamy taste and large eggs, it is called royal caviar. They taste tender and, unlike sockeye salmon, do not taste bitter at all. The shell itself is thin, quickly bursts and it feels like it melts in your mouth. The color of the eggs is light orange and always uniform.
Beneficial features:
stimulating brain function, improving memory
replenishment of calcium reserves;
elimination of harmful cholesterol and toxins from the body;
acceleration of tissue healing at the cell level;
maintaining normal blood pressure;
strengthening the smallest blood vessels and preventing the formation of blood clots;
prevention of heart disease;
prevention of the formation of malignant tumors;
regulation of sugar levels due to a low glycemic index;
prevention of varicose veins;
fast healing of damaged skin.