Comb Honey, 250g.

Our ancestors used honeycombs as a means of exchange, they paid tribute, gave them, traded. Honey was always at a good price, and comb honey was doubly appreciated. Traditional medicine says that if you ate honeycomb honey from a young age, then you will not know any cold. Adherents of non-traditional methods use it to strengthen the body's defenses for 4 years, for this you need to chew honeycombs.
Honeycomb honey is a special product that contains useful substances, vitamins and microelements. Hundreds of honey bees work every day to create hexagonal honeycombs from their own wax.

Honeycomb honey and wax elements have a characteristic, pronounced honey aroma. The color of the product can vary from white to yellowish. Due to its rich composition, the bee product has the following unique properties:

restorative - helps the body to get stronger faster after past illnesses;
anti-aging - with regular use, it reduces the signs of premature aging (fine wrinkles, pigmentation on the skin);
immunostimulating - increases the body's defenses, helps to strengthen the immune system.
Honeycomb honey has a rich composition, in which:

iron and copper;
vitamin PP;
ascorbic acid;
calcium and sodium;
magnesium and potassium;
B vitamins;
It is also worth noting that if you accidentally swallow some wax, nothing bad will happen. This substance is not assimilated by the body and is calmly removed from it in its original form.