Black Sturgeon Caviar Imperial, 30gr.

0.03 kg
A special difference of this variety of black caviar is that only caviar from fish over 15 years old is used for its preparation. Caviar from only one fish is packed into a jar. Possesses an exquisite, very rich, clean, fresh taste with the slightest bitterness and light aftertaste of cream and nuts.

The grain size is medium to large (2-3 mm).
The color of the grain is from dark gray to brownish.
Appearance: shiny, with a translucent shell.
Ingredients: sturgeon caviar, salt, LIV-1 preservative.
Shelf life 12 months at a temperature of -2 - 4 ° C.
Production: Russia
Aquaculture product.
Imperial class black sturgeon caviar is an ideal treat for dear guests and family. There is no need to wait for a reason to pamper yourself with a rare delicacy from the Volga region. And you shouldn't put off the pleasure either. The caviar tastes too amazing and is not often included in the menu to deprive yourself of the opportunity to get gastronomic delight.