Ice Cream "Aeroflotskoe" Eskimo, 65gr.

0.065 kg
Ice cream "YUKKI Aeroflotskoe".
An unusual popsicle with chopped candy has already hit grocery stores across the country.
The novelty is a chocolate ice cream with the addition of crushed Aeroflotskie sweets to the glaze. The packaging design respectfully maintains continuity with the wrapper of the popular candy of the same name with the silhouette of an airplane on a blue background.

“We have combined the best of two brands - a real classic ice cream and sweets loved by many generations. The original idea of ​​the product implied the obligatory use of only original sweets. We managed to reproduce our favorite taste in a new interpretation, which prolongs the life of a classic candy, ”the company explained.
The balance of ice cream and sweets, together with the legendary brand and recognizable design, guarantee consumer interest.
YUKKI Aeroflotskoe has supplemented the popular ice cream series, which includes Moya Alenka, Cow, Bird's Milk, Truffle and Slodych.