Naturalis Herbal Tea from high pressure , 20Х1.5g.

0.03 kg
Ingredients: yarrow, astragalus woolly herb, birch leaves, green tea, acacia flowers, motherwort herb, hawthorn fruit, St. John's wort herb.

Recommendations for use: add to the diet for adults as a general tonic, which helps to normalize the functioning of the cardiovascular system, normalize blood pressure, eliminate spasms of blood vessels, restore normal rhythm and strength of heart contractions, improve blood circulation and oxygen supply to the heart muscle, eliminate shortness of breath. Has mild sedative properties.

Method of preparation: 1 filter bag pour 200 ml of boiled water (85 ° C - 95 ° C), leave for 3-5 minutes. For adults, take 1 glass of warm herbal tea 2-3 times a day after meals for 30 days. Repeat the course if necessary.

Precautions: in case of individual sensitivity to the components of herbal tea; pregnant and breastfeeding women, children. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

Delicious tea drinking and good health!