NORWEN- Matjes Herring Fillets in Oil, 750g.

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Size: 750g

Norven Matjes Herring Fillet in Oil 750g  .

Herring, a fabulous fish of the northern regions, dipped in fine vegetable oil, will thrill the palates of even the most demanding gourmets and fish lovers.

It can be served as a meal on its own, as well as in combination with various vegetables and side dishes, such as polenta, rice or potato salad.

Each 6-ounce portion of herring contains 332 calories to fuel your active lifestyle and provides healthy fats and protein, along with essential minerals and vitamins.

These nutrients work together to maintain tissue function and offer a number of health benefits.

Improving red blood cell health, bone health and nerve function.

Catch the Norven herring fillets - and enjoy the sea of gastronomic pleasure.

Ingredients: herring fillets, sunflower oil, salt, sorbic acid

Product of Norway

Net weight: 750g.