1.The cheesecake-flavored curd paste has a very soft and uniform structure, which is obtained by whipping fresh cream, cottage cheese and pasteurized milk. Dessert has a low fat content, therefore it is considered dietary. It can be used by both children and adults. The curd is packed in a plastic cup, which is convenient to take with you to work or school.

2. Curd paste is produced on the territory of Belarus on the basis of fresh cow's milk and low-fat soft curd. The product has a delicate, creamy blueberry aroma and a taste of fresh berries. The dessert has a homogeneous structure similar to mousse. The product can be used as a delicious and healthy breakfast. It differs not only in its delicate taste, but also in its useful composition.

3. Curd pasta Savushkin product Cherry 3.5% 120g is a delicate creamy delicacy prepared on the basis of soft low-fat cottage cheese and aromatic berry filling with a wonderful cherry taste. The product has a homogeneous, almost mousse consistency. This dessert curd will be an elegant breakfast paired with a cup of coffee, a healthy snack instead of a muffin or sandwich, a light dinner before bed or an elegant dessert that will be enjoyable and will not harm your figure. 

Manufacturer. Savushkin.

Country . Belarus.