COTTAGE CHEESE "RASSYPCHATYI", 9%, Savushkin Cottage Cheese Products, Belarus), 350g.

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Among all the variety of dairy products,presented on the Canadian market, I would like to mention the cottage cheese called Savushkin Khutorok. This is a quality product made from natural raw materials, which is supplied from ecologically clean regions of Belarus. This is the cottage cheese is the most delicious and useful, which is confirmed by the numerous reviews of customers.

Useful properties of cottage cheese "Savushkin Khutorok"

Cottage cheese is an indispensable and indispensable producton the table of each person. It is impossible to overestimate the benefits of it for our body. It helps strengthen teeth and bones, normalizes metabolism, responding primarily to fat metabolism and removing excess fluid from the body.

Of course, we are talking only about the naturalcurd, which is made from fresh milk. This is exactly the cottage cheese "Savushkin Khutorok", a photo of which is presented on this page. Curd breakfast is one of the most useful. Firstly, this product contains many important vitamins necessary for the normal functioning of the body. And secondly, the cottage cheese is so nutritious that it satisfies the feeling of hunger for a long time and allows you to give up unnecessary snacks at least in the first half of the day.

Cottage cheese friable from TM "Savushkin"

Friable rustic cottage cheese is loved by many people,although it is very difficult to find a quality product in urban conditions. Meanwhile, the cottage cheese "Savushkin Khutorok" crumbly fell into their taste much more than home.

Firstly, during its production all the necessary sterility conditions are met.

Secondly, the cottage cheese is delicious, it has a pleasantconsistency and quality composition. Some consumers even tested its naturalness with an iodine drop. For this they dripped the solution for cottage cheese in a teaspoonful. The color of the spot from iodine has not changed to blue or purple. And this means that there is no starch in the curd.

Third, the packaging of products ismost convenient for the consumer. On the back of the pack there is a sticker that is necessary for reusable packaging. If necessary, the package can be sealed with a sticker.

Among buyers of friable curd "Savushkin product" it is difficult to find those who did not like this product, so it is delicious.