COTTAGE CHEESE "SAVUSHKIN KHUTOROK", Belarus, 15%; 9%, 5% , 300G

0.3 kg

1. Cottage cheese "Savushkin Khutorok" 9% is made according to the traditional recipe from fresh farm milk, without the addition of vegetable fats and preservatives. The product has a delicate sour milk taste, crumbly texture and an unusual smell of real country cottage cheese. Delicious cheesecakes, cheesecakes and pastries will be made from it.

Mass fraction of fat 9%.
Ingredients: made from normalized pasteurized milk using sourdough.
Energy value: 147.0 kcal, fats 9.0 g, proteins 15.0 g, carbohydrates 1.5 g.
Storage temperature from + 2'C to + 6'C.
OJSC "Savushkin Product".

2. Cottage cheese "Savushkin Khutorok" 5% cottage cheese with small grains. Juicy, moist. With a slight sourness. Made in Belarus from pasteurized milk and sourdough. No preservatives.