Frozen Sea-Buckthorn /Sour Cherries,10pcs/cs, 908g

0.908 kg

1. Sea buckthorn is recommended to be consumed due to its rich vitamin composition to support the body during chronic diseases, to treat peptic ulcer disease, gastritis, anemia and exhaustion. The plant is endowed with wound healing, antineoplastic, strengthening properties.

The ability of sea buckthorn to regenerate tissues (especially mucous membranes) and prevent oxidation processes in cells is exceptional! The plant has such antioxidant power that regular consumption of berries can turn back the clock and visibly rejuvenate the body.
2.  The beneficial properties of sour cherries can be listed for a very long time. Delicate and aromatic berry, even when frozen, will present all its many effective effects. Cherries are also used in cooking, so frozen berries will help you diversify your menu in any season. Pies with cherry filling, marmalade with cherry juice, sauce using cherries, various desserts are very tasty. You can make syrups, smoothies and fruit drinks.