Gingerbread "Kyivski", Kyivhlib , 420gr.

0.42 kg
Gingerbread is a baked product, a kind of baked food made from a special gingerbread dough. Poppy is added to them as a filling. The shape of the gingerbread is different, to a greater extent - rectangular, round, or oval, on the top of the gingerbread there may be some kind of drawing or inscription and it is covered with sweet sugar glaze.
They contain a lot of vitamins and nutrients. One serving of gingerbread contains 1.8 mg of niacin and 12% folate for daily use. All of these foods play a huge role in maintaining health and promoting gene activity. A distinctive feature of Kievkhlib gingerbread is that it is low in calories.
The gingerbread cookies are packed in a plastic bag, which keeps the freshness and quality of the products for a long time. It contains the brand of the manufacturer, the name of the product and its characteristics.