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GREENFIELD Earl Gray Еea, 25x2g, is produced in accordance with all the rules of real English masters, its recipe is deeply rooted in history. The basis of the drink is Ceylon tea grown on a high-mountainous plantation. An amazing sillage of citrus notes and bergamot gives its taste a special refinement and grace. It is this bizarre bouquet of aromas and flavors that are brought together in a drink that makes it so incredibly tasty. Earl gray tea can be a wonderful start to the day, or gather guests at one table for a festive lunch or dinner. The product is characterized by high quality and is in high demand among consumers.
Ingredients: black long tea, citrus peel, natural bergamot flavor, cornflower and calendula petals. Storage conditions: store in a dry place at a relative humidity of not more than 70%. Expiration date: 3 years