KEDAINIU fermented cucumbers in brine (Квашеные), 860gr.

0.86 kg

They are of interest as sources of organic lactic acids, minerals, fiber and various useful substances.

Producer UAB "Kedainiu Konservu Fabrica"
Ingredients: Pickled cucumbers (cucumbers, water, salt, dill, dried garlic, dried horseradish root).
Canned food - salted
Type of packaging- glass
Precautionary measures Keep away from direct sunlight. After opening the package, store the product in a cool place at temperatures between + 2 ° C and + 8 ° C.
Nutritional and energy value
Energy value (kcal per 100 g) 6.6
Proteins, g (in 100 g) 0.47
Fats, g (in 100 g) 0.11
Carbohydrates, g (in 100 g) 1.43