Marmelade "Lemon and Orange Slices" Assorti, Ukraine, 265 gr.

0.265 kg
Juicy and colorful Lemon and Orange slices from the Ukrainian company HBF will remind you of the taste of childhood and cheer you up. The marmalade is made in the form of fresh fruit slices of lemon and orange. The surface of the treat is sprinkled with fine sugar crystals. The product is made from natural raw materials using agar-agar as a thickener. Marmalade Lemon and Orange slices are packaged in cardboard boxes weighing 265 g.

HBF company produces delicacies in compliance with modern food technologies, so the product is not only tasty, but also useful for the human body. Convenient packaging allows you to take the sweet with you to work, on a trip or on a visit. The product has an attractive appearance and rich citrus aroma.