Mustard plaster package-Sinapis charta, (Горчичники), 10 pсs/pac.

0.025 kg
Mustard plasters are a unique traditional medicine in a modern design, based on the action of a natural plant product - mustard. Mustard plaster - packages are indispensable for colds, they are used as a distraction that causes redistribution of blood in hypertensive crises, neuralgia, muscle pain, etc.
Mustard plaster - the bag is a bag of laminated paper and filter paper, divided by perforation into four bags, evenly filled with mustard mixture.
Laminated paper gives additional properties to the mustard plaster:
- the necessary rigidity, capable of retaining its shape and moisture resistance during storage;
-preservation of active substances.
The mustard plaster in the form of a package has a number of advantages over its predecessor, the "petal" mustard plaster:
- storage period - 24 months;
- stability of the therapeutic effect;
- high degree of hygiene - no procedure for removing mustard from the body is required;
- the ability to use on large areas of the body.