Rosinka " Lemonade"/ "Citrus"/"Dyushes", 6pcs/cs, 2L.

2.0 kg

1. Lemonade
Even the name of this drink evokes in the memory of adults the most pleasant moments of childhood and holidays. "Lemonade" remains the leader in the choice of many compatriots in terms of richness of taste and excellent quality.

2. Dyushes is a non-alcoholic highly carbonated drink that did not let itself be forgotten. Lovers of this drink will once again enjoy the bright and rich pear flavor.
The color of dark amber, the aroma of ripe pears add style and fullness to the taste. The taste is rich in shades, gives a unique pleasant taste sensations, raises the mood

This drink has once and for all become one of the constant favorite drinks. You should not confuse the taste of this drink, because it is easy to drink and quickly digested, leaving the pleasure for a long time!