Atlantic Smoked Salmon Fillet , Sliced, v/pac, 500g.

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Noble Atlantic Salmon: Sliced ​​Salmon Fillet
Salmon is the most popular and sought-after representative of salmon: juicy red meat of this fish is appreciated all over the world. Due to its high fat content, it is ideal for weak salting, becoming so tender that it literally melts in your mouth. 
Lightly salted salmon for salads and appetizers
Sliced ​​red fish is an excellent solution for decorating a festive table or for a tasty and healthy snack. The thinnest slices of salmon are convenient to serve: just remove from the packaging and garnish with lemon slices and herbs, or lay on bread and enjoy delicious sandwiches with red fish. Tender fish fillet is also perfect for preparing light salads: boiled potatoes, tomatoes and arugula perfectly complement the taste of seafood.
Reasons to buy salted salted salmon
Salmon is rich in beneficial vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids.
Convenient format: fillet cut into neat, thin slices.
Natural product free of preservatives and flavor enhancers