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Oil, in the production of which no heat treatment was used, retains useful substances and properties. Unrefined varieties are famous for containing vitamins that have been preserved during the cold pressing process.
The benefits of unrefined sunflower oil are due to its composition. The combination of vitamins and fatty acids allows it to have the following effects:
regulate fat metabolism, speed up metabolism, as a result of which "bad" cholesterol and excess weight are reduced,
regeneration of muscle and bone tissue improves;
improve the work of the cardiovascular system and the brain (prevents degenerative changes, memory loss), strengthen the walls of blood vessels;
reduce blood viscosity and the threat of blood clots;
help the formation of cell membranes and nerve fibers;
improve liver function and digestion, eliminate constipation;
strengthen immunity;
prevent premature aging;
strengthen hair and nails;
improve the work of the endocrine and genitourinary systems.