Tula Honey Cake"Tulsky pryanik" with Fruit filling / with filling "Caramelized milk", 150g.

0.15 kg

1.Tula gingerbread stuffed with fruit jam, covered with a thin whitish smooth surface of sugar glaze. The spicy sweetness of the aromatic printed crust is complemented by the light fruity sourness of the thick filling. A real Tula gingerbread, the pride of traditions. A taste worthy of a royal meal. 

2. Gingerbread "Tulsky" with boiled condensed milk is a famous, soft and fragrant rectangular gingerbread filled with boiled condensed milk. Convex name on the front side and delicious glossy glaze will not confuse it with any other delicacy.

Traditional "Tula" gingerbread with boiled condensed milk has long ceased to be a simple souvenir and is available for consumption at any time and in any place. Convenient format and rather large size have made it a favorite of many office workers who purchase it for lunch tea during a working day. Sweet gingerbread with an appetizing aroma is ideal for a cup of tea and coffee, and will also make an interesting company with juices, drinking yoghurts and many other drinks.
Such a treat can be put in a child's portfolio, taken with you on a long trip, on long walks and on picnics. In moments of fatigue and hunger, it will help you quickly restore energy and calmly wait for lunch or dinner.
One gingerbread is quite enough for a full-fledged tea party, and in the case of treating children, it can be safely divided into 2-3 parts.
Hermetically sealed packaging prevents premature drying, preserves fresh and pleasant taste, bright aroma and external commercial characteristics.
No need to go to Tula, enjoy a wonderful delicacy, wherever and whenever you want, pamper yourself, your family and friends.