VIOLA Processed cheese , 185gr.

0.185 kg
This year, Valio has launched a new processed cheese with homely gourmet taste - a melted cheese with different flavors. The Viola series of processed cheeses have been very warmly received by the people of Estonia - Viola cheeses have been praised for their creamy texture and excellent taste. As the amazing skills of the Võru cheese masters are widely appreciated throughout Estonia, another new flavor will hit the shelves at the beginning of January. The new processed cheese, flavored with chives and herb flavors, was the undisputed winner in the tasting, as it received high marks from a focus group point of view for its seemingly familiar taste,  therefore perfect as a cream spread in soups, sauces and all kinds of dishes. Valio's processed cheeses in red packages are made from local milk and cheeses by the best cheese masters Voru Juustutoostus. Almost 50 years of experience in cheese making ensures that every package contains high-quality melting-in-your-mouth processed cheeses with rich flavor. Processed cheeses are delicious home-style, and at the same time have a rich taste, and thanks to all kinds of additives and their creamy texture, they become truly indispensable in the kitchen in the preparation of various dishes